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Press Release | 3rd Annual Kidney Bowl. Join us on Saturday, June 28, 2014 from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM. For more information: Click Here! or visit

We will also be having Raffle Tickets $5 for (1) or $10 for (3)
1st place | (2) Spirit of Norfolk dinner cruise ticket
2nd place | (2) Norfolk Tides tickets
3rd place | Mary Kay Gift package and more!

Please make checks payable to Health & Awareness, Inc., Mail to: Health & Awareness, Inc. P.O. Box 64713, Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4713 or pay by credit card.
Press Release | In 2013, Health & Awareness successfully implemented a community outreach program free to the community that reached out to over 4,000 residents of Hampton Roads.
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Concerned about your well being.
Health & Awareness, operated under the umbrella of the National Kidney Foundation assisting with the Virginia Beach Kidney Walk; Health & Awareness Inc. was created as a community based organization September 22, 2013. The purpose of the organization is to provide comprehensive health education, bring awareness to prevent Kidney Disease and strive to improve the quality of life for the general public who are at risk for kidney disease.

The organization recognizes that the need for health and awareness information is critical. In 2013, Health & Awareness successfully implemented a community outreach program free to the community.

Many thanks to Norfolk's Mayor Paul D. Fraim for his support of the 2014 World Kidney Day Health Awareness Connection, March 15, 2014.


Our Outreach Program

Over the past year, Health & Awareness reached out to over 4000 residents of Hampton Roads. Of the 4000 plus participants 47% had at lease one risk factor for kidney disease, 50% of those were recommended to sought immediate doctors attention; however 39% of those with a high blood pressure or diabetes were unaware of any kidney disease symptoms and had no idea, they were at risk for kidney diseasemplicity.

Health and Awareness Serves
Health & Awareness members are excited to be Hampton Roads first and only local all volunteer organization actively seeking to slow down or stop the progression of kidney disease while it's in the early stage. Health & Awareness focuses heavily on education to empower dialysis patients to become active participants in their healthcare and push prevention as a tool to slow or stop the progression of kidney disease; while fundraising to assist those in Hampton Roads needing financial support. Health & Awareness events create publicity for all health issues who aim to prevent disease and future serious illness. We focus on early detection, which is often crucial for treatment success. Our events provide a focus for fundraising efforts, with money raised supporting free presentations to churches, schools and non-profit organization; and future plans are to assist Hampton Roads dialysis patients in need. Health & Awareness has become a trusted leader in the community.
  Community Update | View Recap Here
Kidney Awareness Bowling Event | This event was supported by BMA Project GIVE to support the awareness and promote kidney disease prevention..
  Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC)
  Aragona-Pembroke Lions Club
  Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB). PAOB, where professionals work to make a difference.
"As I watched development of your first Health & Kidney Awareness Conference, I was amazed by the amount of planning and work you put in the project and the selflessness you exhibited by inviting other health-arena nonprofits not involved in kidney health to exhibit without cost. You were well deserving of the recognition give you by the National Kidney Association at our 2011 Exemplar Awards ceremony for community volunteers. The scope of your next conference was even larger and more demanding, but you pulled it off and made it a success, even when less stouthearted could not capture the vision.

Since becoming a member of our advisory board, you have been an inspiration to me and other members. Your optimism is infectious, and you can-do spirit is refreshing. You have been loyal and faithful, participating regularly in all of our meeting and events. You get along well with everyone, offer concrete solutions to problems, and always see the bright side of issues.

For all of these reasons, I believe your participation in any endeavor you wish to be part of will be an asset to all involved, and I wholeheartedly recommend you for the position of board member as Hampton Roads advisory member."

"It is a true pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for Wallace Green, who is one of our faithful members here at Christian Embassy International Church. Mr. Green is, without question, one of the most encouraging and health aware members I have ever pastured and his heart's desire is to take his knowledge and connections to facilitate preventative measures that will assure families good health for the years to come. Mr. Green has faithfully supported and stood with us here at Christian Embassy and during this time, he has been one of the most positive voices for bringing health to the body of believers and serving to help educate them on kidney health awareness. He is a diligent and faithful servant of God, a gifted networker and we are honored to have him as part of our family here at Christian Embassy.

I recommended Wallace Green to you without reserve for he is not only gifted in these area, but he is always willing to serve in any areas of need with such a gracious attitude. He will be one of the greatest assets to your team and I know that he will bring insight and connections that will help advance your cause."

- Loretta Davis Kahn
Founder/Editor of Hampton Roads Gazeti

- Dr. Timothy C. Lambert
Senior Pastor, Christian Embassy
Health & Awareness, Inc.
P.O. Box 64713, Virginia Beach, VA 23467 | Phone: (757) 376-7645
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